Emergency and Critical Care

What is Critical Care Unit ?

A specially equipped hospital area designed for the treatment of patients with sudden life threatening conditions or post surgery patients.

We have a hospital facility for providing intensive care of critically ill / patients undergone an emergency or elective surgery, characterized by the high quality and quantity of continuous nursing and medical supervision and by use of sophisticated monitoring and resuscitative equipment.

All our patients who have undergone a surgical procedure whether elective or emergent and require constant monitoring are kept in this state of the art facility till they are strong enough to be shifted to a ward/room.

Conditions we treat

Agrawal Hospital’s Emergency Department provides urgent, life-saving care, as well as state-of-the-art evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of the most critical patient cases. Our modernized department boasts private examination and centralized nursing stations and observation units for continuous patient monitoring.

Our highly-trained staff consists of board-certified physicians, registered nurses, residents and technicians, all with extensive training in emergency medicine.