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Virtually every inch of the Agrawal Hospital in Bhopal has been designed with the needs of our patients in mind. Among our goals was to create a patient room and
nursing environment that promote safety, comfort, exceptional outcome and efficiency.  

We offer a wide range of accommodation options to suit the needs and requirements of our patients and their families. All our rooms are well ventilated, well lit with
loads of natural light and decorated in such a way so as to provide an environment that is conducive to faster healing and recovery.  

Designing this facility was a challenge and a rare opportunity for the hospital team. What drove the team was the commitment that they had towards providing a state
of the art medical care facility to the city of Bhopal. In this endeavor we were constantly taking feedback from the patients and their families.  

Our DELUXE ROOMS are designed to offer a comfortable stay to our patients with air conditioned environment and fitted with a television for their entertainment needs
as well as refrigerator for their use, a sofa /recliner for the care giver’s comfort. Our DELUXE ROOMS are well ventilated and come with a view of the neighboring park.  

Our PRIVATE WARDS are also designed with keeping in mind the well being and comfort of our patients. They are centrally cooled for optimum comfort and are also fitted
with a Television and Refrigerator.  

Our SEMI PRIVATE ROOMS come with partitions. They are designed to be a congenial space that in spite of being shared and giving a feeling of not being alone in difficult
times are also able to provide privacy when required. Again as our other rooms they are also well ventilated with loads of natural light coming in through the windows.  

There is also a very well equipped RECOVERY ROOM for post-op care.  

Our GENERAL WARD has also been designed following the same philosophy that was kept in mind while designing our other rooms. The same principle that patient care
and comfort is most important applies in this space also. A well ventilated and well lit space was created to offer care to people in need.

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