Asthma Treatment

How Asthma is affected in a Person

Asthma is long term respiratory diseases which are commonly caused in the area of lungs where air flow is circulated. It can be identified by various symptoms which are reverse airflow obstruction and bronchospasm. These can be identified from the person if he/she has wheezing, coughing, tightness in chest, and breathing problem from a Asthma Specialist in Chennai, which may occur once in a month or a week or even during night hours and also by doing exercises.

Asthma is also caused due to the genetic factors, and environmental factors like air pollution, smoke and others.

Most of the developing country peoples have respiratory problems because of their usage of air polluting materials. Asthma is one such respiratory problem that most of the peoples are diagnosed with by Asthma specialist in Chennai. Asthma is a long term inflammatory disease. The main symptoms of this disease are airflow obstruction and bronchospasm and it also has other symptoms like wheezing coughing and breathes shortness. The asthma problems were heavily felt during night time or while doing any sort of exercises. Many clinics are available to treat asthma in various stages.

Treatment and Diagnoses

There are various specialist of doctors are there who treat asthma are allergists, pulmonologist, ENT specialist, and Paediatrician. The chest examination is the most important examination for a treatment in asthma. There are various methods are used for asthma diagnosis Such as Spirometry, methacholine challenge and it can be identified by analysis of expiratory flow rate. Spirometry is one of the recommended tests for asthma. The bronchodilator like salbutamol is used to identify the FEV1 level. Methacholine challenge is an inhalation of substance that causes narrowing the airway. If the result is negative means, that person doesn’t have asthma and if positive means the person has asthma. Most of Asthma specialist in Chennai performs this type of test to check the asthma. As of now there is no correct cure is present for asthma.